About Us

2 Women, 1 Vision
Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, BCBG, and Diane von Furstenberg...we absolutely love them all!

However, who wants to always pay top dollar? How would you like to have someone else style you at an affordable cost? How many times have you looked at something and said..."Oh My, How will I wear that?" Ask no more! We got you!!

Distinct and Classy
Distinct and Classy is a group by Distinct Flavor Fashions was started by two tenacious women that came together and wanted to help build the movement towards making fashion affordable, accessible, and sustainable.

Classy and Vintage is a group of budget conscious fashionistas dedicated to having fashion we desire, without breaking the bank.

If you love to look good at a low cost, be sure to join our Distinct and Classy group. Allow us to introduce you to the experience!

Distinct and Classy will show you how to mix high end with low priced items and still look like a million bucks!

This group will show you how reselling can be incorporated into our daily looks.
Fashion Friday is the only day of the week to post and advertise...include one picture accompanied by relevant information.

We Give Back!
Distinct Flavor Fashions will Donate a portion of sales to organizations that support women and girls of Color.

Tell your friends about us! They will be happy you shared this secret.